Meet Our Team!

The Experience.

It's why you go to concerts, stand in line at the fair for your favorite ride or go on that vacation. So why should your wedding photos be any different? Yes it's TRUE, there are plenty of photographers that take pretty pictures but Your Story is all about the journey and experience along the way to capturing those beautiful memories.

So who's the team behind the experience? Your story is made up of 5 photographers, Jeremy + Melisa (owners of YS), Bailey, Jason, and Austin. Together they quite simply More than anything they enjoy the relationships they build with their wedding couples along the way. It's part of the reason why you see the hearts + soul of the people in their photographs. This is way more than a business to them, it's seeing inside the heart of their labor of love!

But seriously, just check out their reviews, it's the experience along the way that their wedding couples rave about!

Want to know more about each of lead photographers? Just check out their bios and highlight galleries below, to get a better idea of their personalities and style.

If you're ready for a fun experience, great personal service and professionals that ALWAYS goes above and beyond, go to the "start here page", and get in touch with them before your date is already booked!

Jeremy + Melisa

This husband/wife team are the owners and have spent over 8 years making their customer centered studio, what it is today! Of course Melisa is clearly the BETTER half and provides that girlie side because no matter how hard Jeremy tries, he just can't get excited about heels or hydrangeas like Melisa can. Whether it's a late night question about how to handle mom or just needing to vent, she's your gal! Jeremy just has to smile and look pretty :) Well that and take care of his grooms along the way!

Want to see more of their work? Of course you do! Jeremy + Melisa's Gallery

Here's a few more fun little J+M facts in case you were wondering>>
They like long walks on the...kidding. Jeremy's a car guy, tech geek that just so happens to be an old fashioned hopeless romantic. While melisa is addicted to starbucks and pinterest and LOVEs finding and fixing up the junk that others throw out. they've been blessed to be married over 20 yrs (yes they were young). And rounding out their family is their feisty little 15 year old teen who mostly drives them iNsAnE but they still love her to pieces :)
If you want free cookies or a unicorn just ask!


Bailey is a mommy/toddler chaser, iced coffee addict, and yoga pant enthusiast. She has her degree in Musical Theatre, so she may occasionally break out into song or tap dance without any warning. Bailey also loves to plan and is obsessed with "pinterest weddings" and Etsy. Anyway... Bailey is a people person and loves to listen -- that may be why she is such a good bartender. Bailey can't give you a Unicorn or Free Cookies... but she can make you a mean margarita while singing a song... in tap shoes... taking a picture and posting it to instagram all at the same time:) Want to see more of her work? Of course you do! Bailey's Gallery


Hey there! My name is Jason, and I'm one of the photographers here at Your Story.
I have always been an experience chaser. Being from Canada, traveling the world and ending up in St. Louis, nowhere is too far for me to travel to get the images you desire. I am available for destination shoots, and my passport is current, so lets capture the world!
Aside from being an aspiring world traveler, and adventure seeker, I am also a husband and a father. Gloria and I met in South Korea where we were both teaching English as a second language in 2007. We fell in love, traveled Asia, and eventually landed in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2011. Since then, we have become home owners, adopted our first two puppy children (Remi and Luna) and in May of 2015 had Roman. As I feel it is important for me to know you, I also believe its important for you to know who I am, and where I come from. Relationships are the key to my vision! You know want to see more of my work so here's your chance>>> Jason's Gallery


Photography is such a passion of mine and I am so lucky I was able to find it.  It was a longtime hobby, but for too long I overlooked it as a career path. Catching those amazing moments and creating works of art that a family can hold onto forever is what drove me into this industry. As someone who is full of happiness and optimism, these feelings carry over into my style of work.

Starting out in sports photography, I am a major sports fan especially when it comes to Mizzou! Go Tigers! I absolutely love to travel and believe those experiences are something that should never be missed. I've grown up with animals all my life and currently have a dog and two cats that you'll usually find me hanging out with on my lazy days.

When it comes to weddings, I love getting to know my couples and creating relationships that help ease what can sometimes feel like a hectic day. I just like have fun with it and my goal is always to make amazing memories whether it's through the camera or your personal experience!


Want to see more of my work? Of course you do!  Austin's Gallery