Whether you're a seasoned veteran in your field or just starting with your business, Melisas' fresh insight and inspirational approach will help you with those hurdles that you've been trying to overcome. If you're interested in scheduling a consultation with Melisa, please email or call her (314.603.7816) for more info.

Here's just a few of those that she's helped over the years:


"Melisa helped turned my dream of owning my own videography business into a reality! I am so thankful for meeting her when I did at the start of opening my small business. She introduced me to organizational techniques and ideas to generate business that have benefited me greatly. The knowledge she has passed down to me from owning her own company has allowed me to avoid making some mistakes and choosing wiser decisions that will help my business grow in the future. Melisa is so much fun to work with and be around which makes me even more motivated and excited about building my business. I can't thank her enough for all of her positive energy and savvy business strategies!" -

Alex, Birdeye Media

"Melisa literally helped take our photography business from nothing in 2009 to making it the extremely successful studio it is today. She was a vital part of turning our humble business into an award winning studio that is customer service centered and continuing to grow! You'll never regret letting her help you with your business!"-

Jeremy Keltner, Owner, Your Story by Jeremy + Melisa

"My husband and I have been in business for ten years. As an owner, and creative I sometimes miss having coworkers and a team of people around me. When Melisa began assisting me it was though I had gotten back my coworkers. She is motivating & high energy. Her ideas are current and full of potential. Her heart is for people and business. She loves to teach and never stops learning. She is amazing at letting me verbally play out ideas and then coming along side to make them come alive in real life. One of Melisa's greatest strength is building relationships in the community at large. She thrives at this due to her genuine desire to encourage people and hear their story.
She is constantly sharing ideas about how to improve my business. This includes everything from profile photos when I advertise to e-mail wording and building relationships with other Wedding Pro's in the community. It has been a huge boost having somebody who understands the photography life. She has rallied and inspired my to try new things.
Thank You!"
Bailey Mohr Beautiful Mess Photography


"Sometimes we need a little outside perspective when things in our lives aren't lining up the way we want them too. I had reached out to Melisa because I was wasn't booking as many jobs as I wanted. It was really starting to weigh on my mind and my confidence. After chatting with Melisa, I took her advice into my consult that evening and booked the wedding on the spot! It felt amazing, and I love how overjoyed she was for me when I told her. She is a truly selfless soul, who only wants to help others. I am so thankful to have her in my life as a friend and colleague."

Kate Ries Hargis Owner of KSH Designs


"Melisa gave me great advice - new approaches to respond to inquiries and client meetings, suggestions for changes to my website and marketing, and even ideas for following up with clients after I'm done delivering their photos. Her insight helped me redirect my energy to areas of my business where I could readily see positive results."

Jonathan Pollack Owner J. Pollack Photography